UX Service Design

Calendar 2013

Information design




Which was the best way to show in a simple design the next variables:

  • days and months 
  • holidays
  • moon cycle
  • the number of the weeks



When the user sees the entire calendar, the way the moon cycle is displayed supports the concept of "cycle", since the user can see how it repeats along the year. Also, the calendar is very easy to read. The simple icons help the user to understand it immediately.


Since the day of the month and the month are the most used pieces of information, they are located on the sides of the layout, and they are near to each other, to an immediate understanding. 

When there is a holiday, the name of is next to the date. These ways to show the information causes a lower cognitive load.


The whole calendar is not only easy to read, but also very intuitive, and shows the user how the year is made of repetitions.