UX Service Design
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UX design


UX & Information Design

team: Nathalie howell + imactus

The App

This app provides forecasts and warnings of sea conditions along the coast of Costa Rica and is very useful for the Red Cross and small fishing boats.

The Request

IMACTUS needed to redesign the most important screen of all, the one that gives the forecast data by day and time, as it had problems of readability.  Also, it was necessary to design the new comment screen, which indicates to the users using a small text, what the forecast is. 


Forecast Screen

The first screen needed to improve the design of its information. With some basic design principles, such as proximity and adding graphic elements to guide the user in an orderly reading, the readability and quick understanding of the data improved a lot. 

The left screen was the previous one.

The left screen was the previous one.


Comments Screen

Then we designed the comments screen, where through a color code and a figurative graphic, users can quickly understand if there is a danger or no problem for the activities at sea.

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