UX Service Design

¿Lo Sentiste?




The Company

The National Seismological Network (RSN) has as its general purpose to study the seismic and volcanic processes of Costa Rica.  They have a high interaction with their audience. In general, the population of Costa Rica is interested in the seismic activities felt in the country.

The Problem

Earthquakes have a magnitude, but people may feel the same earthquake with different intensities, if you are far away from the epicenter or in a high building, these and many other variables can influence how a tremor feels. Collecting this information is very important for the country, and because of this reason, together with the IMACTUS agency, this application was developed.


The Challenge

The primary purpose of the app is to report how people the tremor. These people were reporting the earthquakes via Facebook. 

Also, the company already had an app, but it was not possible to report through it, so the most critical challenge we found in the process was to make people see that it was no longer necessary to communicate through a social network, now it had to be directly in the app. 

The other challenge was to make the user-friendly, a questionnaire with more than 15 questions, as this is the official method to find the intensity of the tremors. 


Mercalli scale measures the intensity of an earthquake

It is different from the actual magnitude of the earthquake.



Taking advantage of the interested public, we conducted a large number of tests with people from all over the country.


The features

The application can show the earthquakes presented in the last 15 days. It can be through a map or a list. The map shows other people's reactions, clearly showing where the tremor 'felt' strongest.