UX Service Design
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Artificial Intelligence Interface

IDOL is something similar to a very advanced search engine that can analyze data and also 'learn' if the data that is throwing out is correct or not. The goal was to design the interface that teaches IDOL what to look for and to train it correctly.

The information in these types of systems are trees with infinite possibilities, the tool helps to navigate in this forest finding the information that the user needs.

The Company

COES Comunicación is a company that monitors media, allowing its clients to know, for example, how many times they have been mentioned in digital newspapers during a period. Some years ago, the process was mainly manual, and now, they are evolving to artificial intelligence. 

The Problem

IDOL works complexly, has many parameters with particular characteristics, which when properly handled, IDOL can do its job correctly. These parameters are very technical and abstract, so the challenge was to translate this into something user-friendly. 


The Challenge

Understanding the capabilities, connections, tasks, and possibilities of each of the parameters and then translating it into something easy to use was the biggest challenge I faced, as well as being technical, the settings are very abstract.