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Coes Comunicación is a costarican company that keeps track of the mentions and 'position' or status of their clients, among different kinds of media, such as newspapers, social networks, radio, T.V., etc.

Several times a day, they send to their clients, news about them, but classified in categories, such as positive news, neutral, negative, who did it, what topic, etc. But the most important outcome of this work is to let know to the client how much money they save by having free publicity. 

How can you show to the customer so many variables: the money, the media, the category? How much money does the company save by being in a full page in the most prestigious newspaper in the country? Or seven minutes in the most viewed T.V. channel? And the other side of the project: how can we make this complex task of collecting this information, the most user-friendly as possible for the employees?


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The tool has five big components:

  1. Basic information
  2. Description of the news
  3. News related information - before this was made in Excel
  4. The preview of their descriptions - before this was made in Word 
  5. Notifications - they constantly need to talk to their coworkers from one side of the room to another

The size of the window is also a critical characteristic. By taking the horizontal half, the user now can have the tool and the browser open. Before they needed to switch constantly between screens and that was making, along the day, a considerable delay. With this solution, they don't need to use Excel, Word or switch windows regularly between the tool and browser. 


The other side of the project is the interface that the clients have. All this amount of information -several times a day-, was sent to the clients using Excel graphics and spreadsheets. Not only was very limited but also it had a very high cognitive load. The solution needed to be a tool that was able to give flexibility to the user, to see what they need it to see, when they want it, as much detail as they choose to.